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(Volume 1)


released December 1, 2012

All sounds, words, and images by The Vatican



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The Vatican Seattle, Washington

Music Sucks.

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Track Name: RATS
RATS. Rats in a line. Red Crosses abide. Owls feeding at night, on blood at the altar of War's sacrifice. It's a new religion, but it's the same Old Gods. It's time to bloodlet these cash cows dry, so keep moving those rats across enemy lines. Rats. Rats in a line. Red crosses abide. RATSINALINERATSINALINERATSINALINE! Kings in their tombs, howl at the moon, a new day has dawned, but the same Reich marches on.
Track Name: Fields To Fallow
The world is gone
The last pin pulled
The lock slams shut
The last rope towed
A smile that persuades like a holy hand grenade. Ideas do pervade, like skullfucking your face. Heaven is for lonely souls, so turn your cheek and bear his load. Heaven is a lonely road, so work the streets like a common whore. It's time again to pay your dues, because Daddy takes good care of you. Without his hand where would you be? His protection isn't free. So on your knees for his coming, like a thief, he's gone again. What's better for a rapist than forgiveness and a pension plan? Heaven is a lonely road, so work the streets like a common whore. Learn to forgive and forget. Learn to submit. Learn to suffer. GOD IS LUST.
Track Name: '92
ALL for The Crown
Fed lust for power and endless War
They sought the untold bounties of foreign shores
With sharpened swords, load up the ships, prepare for war
Blood on their lips; it’s not enough
They yearn for more
They burned our libraries to the ground
And defiled the sacred sound, broke the circle, killed the strong, enslaved the rest
Built their monuments to filth on hallowed ground and called us “Godless”
Track Name: Cortile De Pigna
Awoke in a casket, skin calcified. My crown was stolen, flanked on all sides, by the Ibis and Pinecone, five points leads the way, past mouths of hounds that devour, past all Seven Gates. Spheres descend. Devils and Angels clamor, ripping Soul from Flesh. Anew in the Halls of our Fathers. The old motif, to walk that Stellar Road, with the Sun and the Moon in tow. There's no sublime truth and no hidden vestige, only the last fading thoughts of a dying man.... And we've always known, all that's ever been real is Blood and Soil, Sun and Bone. So lets just take this one last DEATHTRIPFUCKINGBALLS!